Gymnasium Ried in Innkreis Bilingual School

Our GRIBS class

The GRIBS programme is aimed at young people who seek a broad and balanced bilingual education on their way to the Austrian A-levels.


In order to achieve this, our curriculum is based on the Austrian national curriculum for secondary academic schools beginning with Year 1 at age ten and ending with the A-levels (Austrian Matura) in Year 8. During this time, selected subjects are taught in English and German from the beginning, starting with Maths and Geography in Year 1, and continuing with other subjects like History, the Arts, etc. in the following years. In Year 3 students add another subject, choosing between a second modern foreign language (French or Italian) or Science.  


All staff teaching bilingual classes have studied both English and the particular subject at hand (Maths/Geography/History etc.) at university level and/or are supported by native speakers.  

Our aims

With our bilingual approach we aim for our students to  

  • develop skills and competences that enable them to be part of an evolving globalized world as well as the local Austrian community.  
  • cultivate curiosity, collaboration, ambition and autonomy in order to thrive academically and personally.  
  • become responsible, open-minded global citizens in a diverse environment founded on mutual understanding and respect.


By developing the best possible learning environment and monitoring each student’s progress very carefully, we want to make sure that every student is progressing well throughout the curriculum. Therefore, a close and positive partnership between parents and teachers is crucial in supporting the students to make the most of their years in our bilingual class. 

Individualized language support

We provide special tutoring classes in both German and English for students whose native language is not German as well as for students who need extra support in English. By evaluating the needs of every single student and providing an individualized programme, we want to make sure that every student can take an active part in the bilingual subjects as soon as possible.  


We understand the importance of choosing the right school for both your child and your family and we are delighted that you are considering GRIBS.


Open house: December 15, 2023

We are looking forward to welcoming you personally! 


Pre-registration has already begun; the official application process starts on February 26, 2024.


We look forward to hopefully meeting you and your family in an informal entrance interview.


For further information, please contact one of our dedicated GRIBS team members:

e-mail: [email protected] 

Mag. Andreas Hofinger (principal)

Mag. Rafaela Hubauer
Office hours:  Tuesday (10.25-11.15)

Mag. Katrin Kruglhuber-Fisecker
Office hours: Thursday (10.25 - 11.15)

Mag. Markus Leitner 
Office hours: Monday (8.25-9.15)

Among other things, 

the Gymnasium Ried offers...

Afterschool programme 

The Gymansium Ried has an afterschool programme for young students available from 1:00-4.30 pm during which students can have lunch in the new school canteen, and then do their homework and/or revise for exams with the help of teachers.

Exciting Extracurricular Opportunities

Our school offers a number of extracurricular activities in areas such as music, drama, chess, tennis, climbing and photography.


The Gymansium Ried is also an Erasmus+ School. This means that we are an educational institution committed to encouraging both students and staff to enrich themselves and explore internationally around Europe through special contacts and exchanges. We have a long-term partnership with an Italian grammar school in Bergamo and are currently expanding our international network with possible partner schools in both France and Ireland. 

School trips

The following activities are offered during students’ time at the Gymnasium Ried:

Year 1: Getting-to-know-you days
Year 2: Adventure days
Year 3: Winter sports days
Year 4: Winter sports days / A trip to England
Year 5: Sports week
Year 6: A trip to Vienna
Year 7: A Language week in Italy, France and Ireland/England
Year 8: A trip to Prague